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DEEP CUTS is a tasty book of 400 music trivia questions, from the ABBA to Zappa. Along the way, it stops at ska, garage rock and oldies!!

Are you musically obsessed? Then you HAVE TO HAVE THIS BOOK!!!

  • IMAGINE the fun you and your music friends will have poring over 200 pages of expertly written music trivia questions.
  • IMAGINE how cool it will be to show that music geek what they DON'T know!!!!
  • IMAGINE how much more fun dinner parties will be when you pull out this book and slyly ask, "Umm, let me test you on something (opens book)...On what 60s album does the song...."!!


Book art is by world renowned album designer Robert Fisher (Nirvana, Beck, etc.)


Pages: 212. Dimensions 7" x 7"


FREE SHIPPING to US 48 states


CLEARANCE Deep Cuts Big Book of Musical Trivia

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$5.99Sale Price
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